MediaCityUK – första miljöklassade stadsdelen (13)

Fortsättning på tidigare inlägg.

Den två timmar långa intervjun med Stuart Rimmer, projektchef på Peel Group, är slut. Jag sitter kvar en stund och smälter alla intryck innan det är dags för återfärd med spårvagnen till Manchester Piccadilly. Men på vägen tillbaka tänker jag på alla frågor jag inte hann med. De får skickas med e-post när jag kommer hem till Lund.


Stuart Rimmer (SR) svarar snabbt och här kommer både frågor och svar, oredigerat och på originalspråk:

1. Forgot to ask you about the Carbuncle Cup. How did it effect the publicity about MediaCityUK? What was the reaction within Peel?

SR: The Carbuncle Cup publicity although not complimentary to Mediacity, was short lived, and did not distract from the vast amount of positive publicity we have received from all around the world. This good publicity commenced in 2010 and is still going strong. I have met a number of organisations from UK, Sweden, Asia, South America and other parts of Europe and the comments on Sustainability, Architecture, place setting and the Technology used at MC, have been very positive.

A few questions about the apartments:

2. Have you installed exhaust and supply air ventilation with heat recovery?
SR: Mechanical extract from Bedrooms, Kitchens & bathrooms managed through control system. Supply air via natural ventilation.

3. Are they equipped with floor-heating or radiators?
SR: Electric radiators

4. How come you chose electric heating in the apartments when you have the possibility to use district heating?
SR: The apartments are well insulated and do not need a lot of heat input during the average day. The costs of installing a wet system throughout the apartment towers was not commercially viable.

5. Have you installed at chilling system in the apartments as well?
SR: No chilling system, natural ventilation.

6. What is the average indoor temperature in new apartments?
SR: Frank Mills has purchased one of our apartments so I was hoping he would answer this question.

7. Have you considered building apartments in the next phase that meet the requirements of passive houses?
SR: When we build in the next phase we will look at all sustainable solutions for the design of the new apartments. We continue to pursue the best possible Breeam rating on all our developments.

To be continued. Fler frågor och svar kommer i nästa inlägg…

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